Spring 2014 Initiation Information

Eta Kappa Nu invites the top quarter of the ECE junior class and the top third of the ECE senior class into membership. 

Initiation occurs once every year in the spring.  This year's initiation is April 27th at noon in Tong Auditorium ECB.   We will contact applicable ECE students during the beginning of the spring semester.  If you meet the above criteria, have not been contacted, and are interested in membership email

All initiates are encouraged to attend the HKN info session to learn more about Eta Kappa Nu. This will be held Thursday, April 17 at 6:30 PM in 3349 Engineering Hall.

Deadline: April 24th

Initiation Ceremony
Time: April 27th, Noon
Location: Tong Auditorium ECB
Mandatory initiation event
Parents are invited to the ceremony
Please email us if unable to attend

HKN Info Session
Time: Thursday, April 17 at 6:30 PM
Location: 3349 Engineering Hall
Come and learn more about Eta Kappa Nu!

In order to become a member of Eta Kappa Nu, you must complete the following FIVE items:

1.) Submit Application Form

Complete the APPLICATION FORM. This application will be used to compile profiles about you, so it would be preferred if you used complete sentences.

2.)  Pay a $75 membership fee.

     The following are ways to send in the payment: 

i.)   Drop off a check in the door slot of M1094 in ECB, the Eta Kappa Nu Office.  M1094 is located on the mezzanine level closest to the Engineering Drive entrance.

ii)    Mail your checks to: Eta Kappa Nu
                                    1550 Engineering Drive , Rm M1094
                                    Madison, WI 53706

3.)  Tutor 2 hours for HKN.

Give back to your peer students helping them learn the things you understand by showing them how you conquered the same problems. Note: this doesn't have to be completed before intitiation, but before graduation.

4.)  Complete the professional interaction requirement.

This requirement aims at enhancing the connection and interaction between our members and the ECE faculty members.

Talk to one of the ECE professors and complete the SURVEY FORM provided by us.

5.) Attend the initiation ceremony

       Parents are invited to attend. 

6.) Graduate Students ONLY

        Graduate Student Inductees must include a letter of approval signed by the department leadership and the Chapter's Faculty Advisor. 

Please make sure you follow the instructions and complete the above requirements by April 24th.

Also, please contact informing them that you will be coming so that catering arrangements can be made.

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